Unisys Frontline Worker Enablement Workshop

Unisys Corp / Blue Bell

Unisys Consulting works with clients to identify business pain points, goals and develop an actionable roadmap to tailor Microsoft Frontline Worker to your enterprise's needs and workforce.

The Unisys Advisory and Consultancy team, integrating organizational change management, provides a Frontline Worker Enablement workshop which evaluates your workforce environment, pain points and business needs. Using the Microsoft Teams platform as a productivity hub, a purpose-built device centric experience can be mapped out using applications and capabilities relating to these key scenarios:

  • Promote teamwork: Transform employee communication and collaboration with tools and capabilities to improve productivity.

  • Increase collaboration: Through technology and digitized business processes empower your frontline workers with intelligent technology to help automate repetitive tasks and enhance operational efficiency. 

  • Enhance employee education: Streamline onboarding and training with digital technology to a device consumable to the frontline workforce. 

  • Modernize the employee experience: Update legacy processes, empower your workforce with a persona-based device and peripherals.

A Frontline Worker Proof of Concept can be an optional next step to realizing your Frontline Worker vision.

*Pricing and timeframe will vary depending on scope.

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