Teams Implementation and End User Adoption Excellence: 4-8 Week Implementation and End User Training Engagement

Virteva LLC

Virteva’s Teams experts provide excellence in configuration combined with world-class Training and Enablement to your users

In Virteva’s vast experience with Microsoft Teams, it’s generally proven to be true that, in order to effectively implement Microsoft Teams and have it become a valuable and enhancing part of your organization, it’s necessary to approach the platform by looking at it beyond a technical lens. As flawless as your technical implementation of Teams may be, if your end users cannot use and understand the platform to its full capacity, it doesn’t lead to effective use and can be of limited value.

Don’t go through the process of implementation alone and risk the chance of forgetting anything essential to your employees’ productivity. As a service provider with years of firsthand experience with Teams implementations, Virteva is highly regarded in the Microsoft community and offers the industry-specific advice you need to ensure that you get the most out of your implementation, both from the standpoint of technical excellence as well as—if not more importantly in the context of Teams—the end-user experience, understanding, and enablement.

With our Teams Implementation and End User Adoption Excellence offering, you'll gain Virteva's foremost Teams expert Consultants to aide you in configuration and distribution of Microsoft Teams, as well as our world-class training staff to undertake a multi-faceted approach to helping your users understand, appreciated, and ultimately be successful with adopting Teams in their departments and roles. Our training staff will develop tailored training content for your users based on your organization's industry, user personas, and culture. They will then perform extensive training session delivery for both your users and your IT staff and trainers. This combination will ensure that there is widespread depth of understanding amongst your entire user population as it relates to how they can utilize Teams successfully across all of its functional capabilities - but importantly with an eye towards each users' individual needs, role, and approach to collaboration and communication.

The length and cost of our engagement varies depending on the size of your organization's user population. We can quickly provide accurate cost details after an initial conversation about your organization, experience with Microsoft Teams, and the unique needs you have for a successful Microsoft Teams adoption.

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