Microsoft Priva - Privacy Mgmt Implementation: 16-Wks

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Wipro will assess organization's privacy posture and implement controls to reduce privacy risks on Microsoft 365 environment by leveraging Wipro's framework and Microsoft Priva solution.

Every organizations are dealing with huge amount of data generated by systems, internal/external users and leverage enterprise storages and devices to generate and maintain. Many organizations use Microsoft 365 for productivity and collaboration platform to manage organizational and personal data apart from hybrid and multi cloud storages. As a result, significant personal data is being generated, retained and shared knowingly or unknowingly in the Microsoft 365 environments. These personally identifiable data pose significant risks to privacy breaches.

Dealing with privacy data and breaches are significant concerns for organizations that handle personal information. Multiple regional and regulatory (ex: GDPR, CCPA etc.) requirements mandate stringent controls for protecting personal data with severe financial penalty for any misuse or breaches.

Microsoft Priva, a privacy management solution help organizations to get a visibility of personal data within Microsoft 365 environments along with associated risks, and able to automate the controls to mitigate the risks to stay on top of various regulatory requirements.

About Microsoft Priva:
Microsoft Priva - a Privacy Risk Management solution that provides visibility into your organization's Microsoft 365 privacy data and reduce risks through policies; Priva Subject Rights Requests feature provides automation and workflow tools for fulfilling data requests at scale. 
Organizations can see privacy related data status with volume, category, location, and movement of personal data in their Microsoft 365 environments. Additionally, they get visibility into the current status and trends of the associated privacy risks arising from personal data being overshared, transferred, or unused.

How Wipro can help?

Over a decade, Wipro has been helping various industry organizations across the globe to define, strategize and execute privacy management programs with the principle of privacy by design. Wipro's Data Privacy Framework allows organizations to design & implement a forward looking privacy program that will enable compliance to ever evolving privacy regulations.
In this Microsoft Privacy risk management implementation offering, Wipro will leverage the Microsoft Priva solution along with Wipro's Data Privacy framework, and will perform the following:
1. Assess Organizations privacy risk maturity through privacy impact assessment
2. Maturity driven roadmap and data privacy program rollout strategy
3. Discover the organizations Microsoft 365 environment's privacy data posture through automated Discovery
4. Identify privacy data and associated risks on Microsoft 365 services such as Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams
5. Implement Microsoft Priva policies such as data transfer policies, Data minimization policies (unused personal data) and Overexposed personal data policies to control and mitigate the privacy related risks. Start finding and visualizing privacy risks.
6. Implement / Customize the Data subject requests [DSR] automation workflows for fulfilling data requests. 
7. Continuous privacy assessments through Microsoft 365 compliance Manager integrations and improve your compliance score.

Key Benefits from Microsoft Priva and Wipro's solution:

• Know your maturity on handling the privacy data & risks
• Visualize how much personal data exists in your Microsoft 365 environment
• Start finding and visualizing privacy risks and Manage privacy risks at scale
• Automate privacy operations and respond to subject rights requests

• Empower employees to make smart data handling decisions

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