9A Advanced Manufacturing – Quality mgt.

door 9altitudes

Quality Mgt. enables measuring of quality within production and warehousing processes

Quality management.

In every manufacturing or logistics company it is vital to maintain a high quality of goods - both in receiving for use in productions or in the actual production process to maintain all over quality needs. Customers are more than ever focused on receiving the right level of quality.

Just In Time deliveries are a de facto standard within most production companies and being able to measure quality and react on deviations - before it becomes problematic using the goods in the warehouse or production - are vital.

This solution offers a number of smart options and replaces, for example, Word/Excel and corresponding simple measurement schemes and enables statistical use of the data measured. The core of the solution is based on schemas that can be created with different criteria for each measure-valuetype and setup. The schemas are associated with the item number, and it is possible to attach drawings, pictures,or other documentation needed for either proces the measure or from the actual measurement.

Feature list:

  • Designer tool for creating different measuring flows
  • Item specific or group specific set up of measure schemas with values / flows
  • Automatic measuring within shipment / receiving of goods
  • Automatic creation of measuring orders within production routing
  • Handle files/pictures or documents regarding the Item or measure order
  • Integrated stock keeping of measuring tools
  • Automatic calculation of recertification dates on measuring tools
  • Structure data so use of Power BI for visualizing the quality values and timelines / developments are possible
  • Generate measure reports for certificate use

This product is developed by 9altitudes. A European consulting group that consolidates local organizations in Belgium (AdUltima Group, Admiral Dynamics), The Netherlands (Pylades, Cayentis), France (AdUltima France), Denmark (Optimate, Bredana Solutions, Econocap) and Slovenia (Innito).

The group has in-depth knowledge of ERP, IoT, PLM CRM, DMS and Business Analytics. The philosophy of the combined group is to be a long-term partner strengthened by the world class proven platforms of Microsoft and PTC.

Supported Editions

This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Slovenia

Supported Languages

The app is available in Danish (Denmark), English (France), English (Netherlands), English (Belgium), English (Slovenia)

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