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Identify items that fall below safety stock within lead time, based on all supplies and demands.

Reverse Planning suggests actions based on all known supplies and demands. It makes it easy for you to see which items cannot be delivered within the lead time or a certain date - and take appropriate action.

Do you know exactly which items run out of stock before their lead time? Do you always have enough time to restock the item?

With Reverse Planning you can identify all items that fall below the safety stock level within lead time.

This allows you to take action on the items that are most critical. Reverse Planning suggests actions based on all known supplies and demands.

Benefit: Save time planning

  • Customers report saving time on planning, like Carsten Fischer, the CFO of AVN Group: "With Reverse Planning we save 700 working hours per year." And the COO of Scandinavian Packaging, Hanne Zinck, says: "Anyone can do it. It takes only 2 minutes to learn. Today our planner spends 3 hours a day on this, compared to 8 hours a day previously.

Benefit: Never run out of stock

  • And companies using Reverse Planning never run out of stock, like Scandinavian Packaging. Hanne Zinck says: "The productivity has improved tremendously. We never run out of components anymore, and our machines run 24 hours a day without interruptions."
  • You can install Reverse Planning in only minutes
  • Start your free trial today. No technical skills are required to get started.

Getting started

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Supported editions: This app supports both the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Supported countries: All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.
Supported languages: English, Danish

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