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Automated mgmt of Consignment and Replenishment with unified interface for Sales Order import.

Commerce Manager provides a unified interface and automated management for import of Sales Orders.

  • Common interface
    You have one single interface to the outside world, and you can use it for field sales, shop replenishment, consignment, customer portals, e-commerce etc.
  • Automated management
    Commerce Manager will receive everything in a buffer table and convert it according to your configuration. The order from customer A will turn into a Sales Order, while the order from customer B will become a Transfer Order, because we have a consignment agreement.
  • Conversion to all document types
    Commerce Manager support all document types for Sales, Purchase and Inventory.

Some of the use cases

We have listed some of the potential use cases on this page. But when you get started with Contract Manager, we are certain that you will use it for many things, because it's really versatile.

  • Replenishment
    Your sales reps visit customers and decide which items to replenish. They record the orders in the same interface, no matter if it's regular sales orders, consignment transfer orders or intercompany purchase orders. One interface for everything, and Commerce Manager automatically creates the right documents in the backend.
  • Consignment
    You can manage consignment as a part of your regular processes. If you have a consignment agreement with a customer, Commerce Manager will automatically convert the incoming sales order into a transfer order. It's all managed by the configuration.
  • E-commerce
    Use Commerce Manager to receive orders from your e-commerce store. If there is no customer number on the incoming order, Commerce Manager will use a customer template, and you can add master data later. You can control this process by the configuration of the app.

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Supported editions: This app supports both the Essential and Premium edition.
Supported countries: All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.
Supported languages: Danish, English

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