Hungarian Fiscalization for LS Central

door AdmiNetwork Hungary Kft.

Comply with the Hungary's tax regulations and integrate your LS Central with a fiscal printer

Comply with the Hungary's tax regulations and integrate your LS Central with a fiscal printer

Are you a retail business with operation in Hungary but do not have a localized version of your LS Central system? In this case, your company needs the right tool to comply with the local tax legislation.

Hungarian Fiscalization for LS Central, developed by the AdmiNetwork DevOps team, is an extension to the LS Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central standard sales and accounting functionalities. The application allows a predefined layout of a fiscal receipt to be sent to the connected fiscal printer when posting a sales transaction in LS Central POS. The receipts print forms follow the requirements of the Hungarian legislation and the Hungarian Tax Authorities and contain all mandatory data.

The current version of the Hungarian Fiscalization for LS Central app is compatible with Epson fiscal printers with Compassz TAX Control Unit.


    • Fiscal Receipt data and layout according to the Hungarian legislation
    • Generating and printing fiscal receipts from sales transaction
    • Money In and Money Out operations
    • Printing of Return Receipts, Daily closing statements (X and Z reports)
    • Supporting different VAT % groups and rates
    • Printing of Loyalty management information, vouchers, coupons, etc.
    • Additional non-fiscal text on the receipt print (access code, wi-fi, etc.).
    • Corresponding G/L accounts in statement posting
    • Issuing of simplified Invoice/ Credit Memo directly from the POS according to the Hungarian fiscalization


    • Middleware integration between the LS Central and a fiscal printer device
    • Fiscal receipts, in compliance with the Hungarian accounting legislation
    • Improvements in statement posting related to VAT Sales/Purchase ledgers
    • Accurate tracking of sales and cash fiscal operations

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