Multi Language Chart of Accounts

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Easily add translations to the chart of accounts.

Your business is expanding, and so is the diversity of your employees. Can you rest assured that all employees speak the same language, when it comes to financial terminology and general accounts, always?

During the initial implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV or one of its predecessors, your company likely decided to work in your native language, but time has shown that it might have been better to choose a more general one. Using a general language mostly results in English expressions, but not everybody within the company, especially from the finance department, understands the English words for their common accounts and could get confused. This could result in several errors which then result in extra effort to correct these errors.

When using Multi-Language Chart of Accounts, you will find how easy it is to add translations to the chart of accounts. Benefit from greater consensus on financial terminology and common account denomination. Translations in the Chart of Account will be available for all users in their own language. Based on the language within the Dynamics 365 Business Central client, as set by the user, the chart of accounts will be shown accordingly.

Add translations to the chart of accounts and have it available for all employees in their own language.

      • Add translations to the chart of accounts
      • Automated translation for available languages
      • Extremely user-friendly: chart of accounts will be shown according to user language settings
      • Cuts back on the time of error identification and correction
      • Facilitate diversity throughout your company
      • If no translation for the selected language is available, the translation of ENU will be shown
      • If there is no translation of ENU available, the default values will be shown

Click “Get it now” and discover the easiest way to achieve semantic agreement across all ranks of your finance staff.  Or visit our website for more information.

Supported Editions

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries

All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.

Supported languages

The app is available in English (en-US, United States, en-GB, Great Britain) and Dutch (nl-NL, Netherlands, nl-BE, Belgium (Dutch).

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