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Enhanced deferral functionality and consistent document layouts

Do you often receive incoming invoices or send invoices related to the next/previous month or quarter? Then, you can use a deferral code with this extension on the base application. Using a deferral code ensures that your costs and income are automatically split and posted in the period you want them to be. In addition, various standard document layouts are included in this app. As a result, you give every form or document the same consistent look and feel, and your company radiates professionalism.

What is Base Functionality?

Deferral code

Do you want to understand your company's costs and revenues better? Then, it's nice to spread the costs to the correct month or quarter. To apply the charges of an invoice over different periods, you can use deferral codes. A deferral code can help post costs paid annually, but you want to spread over multiple periods to which these costs relate. Consider, for example, charges for insurance or subscriptions. The standard application does not support this functionality. With the Base Functionality app, you can add this feature to ensure a better understanding of your finances.

Standard invoice and document layout

Of course, you want your outgoing documents to look neat. Your customers will get their hands on this documentation, which is why it's a vital calling card for your business. In conclusion, investing in a well-designed invoice and document layouts can positively impact efficiency, customer relationships, and your business's overall look and feel.

Available documents

In the Base Functionality app, the layouts are standardized to give the following documents all the same look and feel:

  • Project Quote
  • Purchase Quote
  • Purchase Order
  • Reminder (Test)
  • Sales Quote
  • Sales Order Confirmation
  • Sales Draft Invoice
  • Sales Proforma Invoice
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Credit Memo

Features of Base Functionality

  • Automatically set up deferral codes for purchase and sales
  • Standard layouts for projects, reminders, purchase and sales documents

Benefits of Base Functionality

  • Maintaining posting dates
  • Automatically comply with the legal obligation
  • No more manual adjustment of your document layouts
  • A consistent and standardized look and feel for your outgoing documents


This app is available in the following regions. If you're interested in using this app and it's unavailable in your area, please get in touch with us.

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Switserland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America


For the pricing of Base Functionality, contact us.

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