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A complete solution for Maintenance Management with Dynamics 365 Business Central

A Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) / Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAM) / Tool Maintenance system helps asset-intensive organizations to digitally plan, track, measure, and optimize all maintenance activities. It also logs maintenance and repair records, locates the parts and resources required, tracks associated costs and manages related workflows.

Software features improve the overall productivity and its impact on reduced cost, procurement, risk and compliance, asset disposal.

CMMS solution focus on availability of asset and uptime by Setup, preventive and calibration maintenance plans and schedules with time based and usage-based frequency. Creates work orders for the planned maintenance and unplanned repair of assets.


* Asset registration, tracking with detail classification and hierarchies.

* Assign Fixed asset and Machine center to asset.

* Enhanced role center/dashboard with cues, fact box, Maintenance KPIs, tasks and MIS reports.

* KPI : MTTR, MTBF, Planned v/s Unplanned Work order analysis in dashboard and role center.

* Maintenance plan for Preventive, Calibration and Corrective.

* Schedule maintenance plan for calendar based and usage-based frequency cycle.

* Production integration for alert when maintenance schedule date is conflicting with production order dates.

* Plan maintenance budget more accurately with assign spares, resources and AMC cost to maintenance plan for individual assets.

* Defined checklist, specification, calibration parameter and norms/standards for each planned activity.

* Work request management for service of planned and unplanned maintenance.

* Work permit integration with work order.

* Work order management for preventive, calibration and breakdown

* Defect - Failure reporting and analysis matrix.

* Cost, status, history and Down time tracking.

* Keep track and plan spares requirement for upcoming maintenance schedules.

* Inventory management: Material planning for items/parts based on consumption history and maintenance plans due.

* Resource management: Assign resources with estimated hrs. in plan and book actual hrs. utilization in work order.

* Track maintenance budget and actual cost using various filters like maintenance type, vendor, time, location, team etc.

* Track cost estimated v/s actual with deviation and variance for spares, resources and AMC.

* Create Purchase order and Purchase Invoice for vendor work order.

* Specify Maintenance bin in location card. When you choose this location on a Maintenance Plan or Work order item line, this bin will be suggested.

* Create Inventory Movement for maintenance spares from work order, To move items required for maintenance to bin specified on work order item line.


* Asset Management - Records asset/equipment information, also checks machine performance history and assess its potential risks for failure to eliminate downtime duration and its impacts.

* Reduces Downtime - Reduces downtime by providing real-time status & maintenance history such as MTTR (Mean time to repair) & MTBF (Mean time between failures). Re-schedule maintenance schedules if conflicting between production orders.

* Material Planning -. Accurately forecast the parts/resources needed for maintenance and avoid scrap/rework.

* Control Costs - Control costs by monitoring expenses such as labor, parts, etc. with statistical data. Accurately forecast the parts/resources needed for maintenance and avoid scrap/rework.

* Collects Information - CMMS acts as reporting tool with approx. 20 reports to access historical information along with maintenance KPI’s.

* Conquer Maintenance Backlog - “Status” & “Cues” guides to schedule pending work orders. Also checks for conflicting production orders linked with respective machines.

Supported Editions

This app supports the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

Canada, India, United Kingdom, and United States. Supported Languages English only.

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