iFacto Connectivity

door iFacto Business Solutions NV

Enable connections and integrations with other systems and Dynamics 365 Business Central

An integrated software system can acquire this name only if all IT systems can communicate with each other. Proper integration of all systems is important to ensure efficient data flow.

The automated exchange of data between different systems can be set up in a variety of ways. In addition to interfacing, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) can also be used so that customers and suppliers can be communicated with quickly and easily in a digital manner.

Such digitization increases efficiency throughout the company. Integrating applications is key to saving time throughout all processes

iFacto Connectivity app will help in the integration between these systems and set-ups. This app is a built-in, feature rich solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, designed to help you streamline all your interface processes and set-up EDI-communication with all stakeholders.

The iFacto Connectivity app will add value to :

  • EDI-partners;
  • EDI-messages : in-house messages inbound and outbound;
  • Automated triggering and processing messages;
  • Monitoring transactions;
  • Communication through (S)FTP, Azure BLOB, File
  • Determination of interfacing when (modification x, modification y), how (FTP, File, …), what (xml, json, csv, …) and frequency (per hour, daily, weekly, …)
  • And many many more…

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