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incadea Automotive365 Connected Retail integrates TecDoc Catalog, Tire Master and EDIWheel with BC

Looking for parts fitting to the car to be serviced or want to know how long it takes for a maintenance service and get all this directly into a Sales Quote?

Looking for tires on a Master DB and want to order tires directly from your vendor with only few clicks?

incadea Automotive 365 is a special solution for automotive workshops and tire retailers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This extension allows you to import a shopping cart of parts and labor information from TecDoc Catalog 3.0 into Sales Documents.

It is able to work a Tire Master DB based on PRICAT specification to retrieve dimensions, technical, regulatory and additional information, store them as Attributes in the database.

The process of ordering the tires via the industry standard EDIWheel API is as well a feature of this extension.

This app requires the incadea Automotive365 Base app to be installed.

Features and Benefits of this extension:

        • Lookup and identify maintenance, labor and parts information required for servicing of vehicles.
        • Import a shopping basket of identified and selected Service Information.
        • Explore and use the complete benefits of the state of the art and modern TecDoc Catalog 3.0
        • Search for Tires in a Master Database based on PRICAT Industry format
        • Use tire match codes or search by technical attributes for tires
        • Retrieve the required tire from the master database and store including all available information
        • Inquire for availability and price for tires at the vendor ERP
        • Order the tires required by means of the EDIWheel Integration

        • Maintain the link between the Sales Order for the customer and Purchase Order for the vendor for quick and easy processing using Special Orders

        • Reduced the maintenance efforts

Supported Languages:

German (Germany, Austria), English (US)


Germany, Austria, India

Supported Editions:

Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential and Premium Edition

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