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Facilitates and automates data mining and the filling in the Intrastat declaration

The Intrastat System is the set of procedures that guarantee the fulfilment of the following two functions:

· the fiscal control of all intra-Community trade in goods and services carried out by national operators with the rest of the European community;

· the generation of statistics on trade in goods, undertaken by national operators with the European Community.

In order to comply with the Italian Intrastat laws, NAV-lab has developed Tempo Zero Intrastat, which facilitates the user's normal operations in data extrapolation and declaration compilation.

Thanks to Tempo Zero Intrastat it is possible to have the automatic proposition of some statistical fields according to user-defined setups. This significantly reduces the possibility of making mistakes when preparing the data to be reported.

In addition, the generation and management of Intrastat batches has been simplified; this saves the operator a lot of time in complying with this requirement.

Some of the additional features of this app are described below:

- the management of a default nomenclature for exchanges posted through G/L accounts;

- the splitting of a cost coming from an account, on the lines of a document to be communicated.

- the exclusion of specific locations of the standard ERP from the movements to be communicated;

- the reduction of the number of batches to be managed for Purchases and Sales;

- the automatic correlation of Credit Notes to the related sales invoices, according to the date of the document;

- the evaluation of document or record movements according to:

o Document date
o Posting date
o Transaction Execution Date

- the report control on the accuracy of the extracted data with respect to VAT movements relating to EEC trade;

- the generation of the declaration file to be sent to the ADM (Customs and Monopolies Agency).

This app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Dynamics365 Business Central
Supported countries ITALY
Supported languages IT and EN

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