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With MasterDataWorkflow you can define approval flows for all Master Data tables and Documents

In Microsoft 365 Business Central, the implementation of approval flows is foreseen through the use of NuBeTech's "MasterDataWorkflow" app, which allows the compilation of master data and documents to be distributed among the various company offices according to the competence of the information.

It will be possible to create approval statuses according to requirements and, for each of them, to define mandatory conditions on fields and permissions for master/document status fields. Among other things, the presence of 'certified' statuses will prevent both unwanted changes to data and the use of incomplete master data and documents.

It will be possible to associate automatic functions with the various status changes in order to create system automatisms. The functions that can be set will either be selected from within a circle of functions already created or will be developed following a feasibility analysis by NuBeTech

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