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Extension Agent

OneBizz BV

Market, bill and measure usage of all your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Apps

You’ve successfully built and launched your Dynamics 365 Business Central apps. It’s now time to accelerate, scale and commercialize that effort within the largest Dynamics 365 Business Central ecosystem in the world. QBS Marketplace is used, by nearly 700 resellers around the world daily, to find and purchase Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions.

Why should you use our Extension Agent?

When developing an extension, your code is by default protected against downloading or debugging. Your extension is not protected against unauthorized usage.

The ‘Extension Agent’ app synchronizes the use of your extension with the QBS Marketplace. This makes it impossible to use your solution if not paid for. This applies to both Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS and on Premise/hosted scenarios.

How you will benefit for the QBS Marketplace:

• Gain proven expertise and go-to-market services to save you time and resources so you can focus on innovation

• Start selling solutions in minutes with zero upfront costs, no contract negotiations, fast activation, streamlined billing

• Freedom of billing methods; per user, per company, per transaction…

This app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supported countries : Extension Agent is available to all countries and languages supported by Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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