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door Wolcott Systems Group

RealSTEEL™ delivers enhanced functionality inside Dynamics 365 for the metals industry

RealSTEEL builds on Microsoft’s unified Dynamics 365 Business Central platform to manage the complex inventory attributes and multi-stage processing requirements of today’s metals industry.  Delivering relevant data to managers and operators through dashboards and machine-based displays, RealSTEEL gives you complete insight and control as orders move through production.

Designed for multi-step processing
As your organization moves beyond basic services like slitting, cutting, and burning, the matrix of complexity builds quickly. RealSTEEL coordinates the specialized inventory, machine and labor requirements to connect and streamline quoting, inventory, scheduling…everything. Track materials and inventory flow across multiple processes, sub-assemblies and assemblies. 

Available on-prem or in the cloud, RealSTEEL takes full advantage of Dynamics 365 Business Central by connecting operations to optimize all of the variables—as well as the complex attributes of metal inventory—from order entry through the production process automatically.

Sales: RealSTEEL optimizes inventory and scheduling in the background while your salesperson enters the job details by automatically: 

-Calculating nesting, costing and pricing at the line item level. 
-Determining accurate production time and costs for internal and outsourced processing.
-Building production schedules as orders are placed. 

RealSTEEL proactively coordinates your inventory, machines and labor with:  

-Production layout tool that automatically synchronizes inventory allocation, resource requirements and schedules to optimize multi-step production.
-Automatic materials calculations, identifying shortages and drops available. 
-Real-time scheduling adjustments that respond to unexpected changes. 

RealSTEEL delivers real-time control and visibility into your machines, people, tools and subcontractors through:   

-Digital workstations where operators enter actual materials usage, time spent and production variance on the shop floor.
-Automatic routing of jobs through the production process, optimizing use of resources.
-Tracking outsourced processes, including materials, semi-finished products and finished goods.

Supported Editions: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium Edition. Supported Countries: United States & Canada. Supported Languages: English (US & Canada) & French (Canada).

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