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Effortless batch email processing and easy outgoing mail management with Document Mail Queue

Do you waste important time to send your invoices one at a time by e-mail? Have you lost track of when you have sent an e-mail with an invoice or reminder to your customer? Don’t you have the possibility to send attachments in one go with your e-mail?

Do you want to be in complete control of your outgoing documents with attachments?

Then Document Mail Queue is the app for you!

Document Mail Queue enables you to process all the posted outgoing documents in one go. This can be done manually or even at scheduled time with the use of the Job Queue.
The queue also logs when outgoing document entries were created, who they were sent to and when mails were sent. Attachments linked to your document can be send together with the mail. It is even possible to set up a default attachment to always send with your mail like your own Terms and Conditions.

Document Mail Queue is fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to make use of as much standard setup as possible. This ensures a quick setup of the app and eliminates an entirely new implementation of your mailing setup.

Feature and benefits

  • Process outgoing documents through the Document Mail Queue
  • Documents are automatically added to the Document Mail Queue after posting
  • Full log of the outgoing documents & e-mails
  • 11 Document Types supported by the Document Mail Queue, including Sales Invoices, Service Invoices, Reminders, Sales & Purchase Orders and Sales Shipments
  • Send the document in different output formats; PDF and/or Electronic Document
  • Easy insights in the state of the queue entry with status color indicators
  • Complete integration in standard Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Use of CC and BCC mail addresses
  • Insights on the posted document of the processing state of the queue entries
  • Automatic send attachments linked to your document together with the outgoing mail
  • Send a default attachment per language code along with the mail
  • Circuit breaker functionality
  • Configurable predefined report options
  • Extendable for processing your own report selections and processess with Document Mail Queue

Do you want to be in complete control of your outgoing documents with attachments? Just click on the "FREE TRIAL" button and try the app Document Mail Queue for free. Or visit our product website.

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Languages

Dutch and English

Supported Countries

This app is available to all countries supported by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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