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See at a glance which orders can be shipped and have insight in inventory levels in your orders!

"Do I have enough inventory available to ship this item to the customer?". How many times a day are you looking for the answer to this question?

One of the key tasks for most wholesale companies is keeping inventory as low as possible, without affecting reliability of deliveries too much. One should be able to make quick and easy decisions on the following questions:

  • Which shipping dates can I promise to my customer?
  • Which orders can be shipped or invoiced right now?

This app provides you with powerful insights: in the order lines (sales, transfer, assembly, production, service) we have added a colored indicator which shows you whether an order line can be shipped. A green indicator means: "sufficient inventory to cover all of the current needs". An orange indicator means there is currently no inventory, but enough replenishment is already planned. And a red indicator means that the new replenishment should be planned, otherwise there will be a shortage for the item. Besides these basic functions, we have added some combinations of the aforementioned colors.

"But what if I assemble items?"

The app provides you with insight in the inventory of the required materials as well! Sales lines with items that have an "assemble-to-order" policy will have a distinctive indicator that shows if the item can be assembled at that moment (= green structure), or that replenishment is already planned for all items (= orange structure), etc.

"OK, I get visualizations that tell me the availability of order lines. But I am still missing insight in when to ship these items."

Yes, indeed, manually checking orders to see what is available for shipping can be a time consuming task. Therefore, we created a page with an overview of all the sales orders that still need to be shipped with all the indicators present on the order. When you click on an order, the details of the order are displayed in the same page. Do you only want to see the orders that can be shipped right now? Just apply the "Show Only to Ship" filter.

Features and benefits

  • Gain insight in the availability of an item without clicking
  • Increase the efficiency of order-entry employees
  • Accelerate the decision-making process when shipping and invoicing orders
  • Manage your logistics by creating inventory picks or warehouse shipments from an insightful overview of your sales orders

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This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Languages

Dutch and English

Supported Countries

This app is available to all countries supported by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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