Gurusoft eCommerce for Dynamics 365 Business Central

door Gurusoft AS

Integration of Business Central to Gurusoft eCommerce/PIM

A robust and secure way to integrate Gurusoft eCommerce/PIM and Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP systems

8/10 customers come to Gurusoft from other Ecommerce solutions!

We have extensive expertise in ERP integrations, and we are a leading player in the Norwegian market.

We work to be the best provider of online shopping, PIM and effective marketing in one and the same solution.

Gurusoft is an innovative software company with well over 400 customers, about 40 employees and head office in Sandefjord, the ecommerce cluster in Norway. We deliver user-friendly solutions with flexibility and scalability that few can compete with! We believe in closeness between customer and developer, and we take total responsibility for the solutions delivered as Norwegian cloud services and Norwegian data storage.

Gurusoft is one of the country's leading suppliers of online store solutions. With our platform, you get a fully integrated solution that combines PIM (product information), online shopping, customer service, sales tools and content marketing - all in one tool. Get started and let our online store solution take your business to new heights!

The uniqueness with Gurusoft Ecommerce is the flexibility, scalability and customizability in our platform. Our customers can start with one of our fast-track and price models, learn and adapt to standardized solutions in phase one and always know that special customer needs can be solved in a later phase, if needed

We are proud to say that we are the best at integration. Our software Gurusoft Integration creates seamless communication and data flow between Business Central and Gurusoft Ecommerce.
Gurusoft has developed its own software for integration between the ERP system and Gurusoft. The purpose is to standardize the integration to the greatest extent possible so that all ERP systems relate to the same software. Put another way: The motorway is the same for all cars (read: ERP system), while there are unique side roads per ERP system.

Design - Google - Tools

Our customers' success lies in how effective they can be in independent work around their marketing strategy, content production and design.
We have an advanced engine to control the design itself. You can look at our demo pages which give an impression of the possibilities you have to adapt the presentation layer of the website/online store (front end). Gurusoft has built in functionality for content marketing and gives administrators the opportunity to build up content pages themselves. Read more about our solutions at

What drive us to deliver the market's most user-friendly online store solution? User-controlled development and the possibility to collect all important functions in one and the same tool! Our software has been developed to meet the needs of a normal Norwegian SMB player in product information (PIM), online shopping, content marketing and customer service.

The automated PIM value chain
In most businesses with a certain volume of products, there is a lot to be saved by avoiding duplicate work. In practice, this means a product master in ERP integrated with its own PIM tool in the cloud. Industry directories, manufacturers and suppliers are other sources of data from which there can be a lot to gain. The product database in the cloud then becomes the most important source of information for channels such as the web, online shopping, marketplaces and technical product documentation.

We invest heavily in integration expertise, and can proudly say that we are at the very top of this field. There is no doubt that integration is one of the biggest challenges in an online shopping project, and that solid integrations are absolutely essential for an optimal and competitive online store. Our integration software is designed to offer standard integrations combined with the industry's best flexibility. We thus deliver seamless integrations with your preferred ERP system and other data sources.

We take the customer journey seriously, and in collaboration with you, we make sure to form an interaction between the customer experience and your underlying business system. Multichannel, omnichannel, customer experience and customer communication are terms used for the processes Gurusoft's online store solution covers. We assist our customers with processes and tasks covered by one and the same cloud service. In other words – we make sure to lift your business into the cloud.

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