Peru Localization Pack


Peruvian localization is divided into general functionalities and reporting

AlfaPeople has localized Microsoft Dynamics 365 FINANCE AND OPERATIONS to comply with tax requirements in over a dozen countries in Latin America. Peru is one of them, as they need to comply with the regulations set forth by the SUNAT (Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration). The different functionalities defined for the Peruvian Localization were split into general functions and reporting. In addition, specific characteristics were included for each module. This localization can be used in all private sector companies.

The implementation base for the Peruvian version is built under ISV certification parameters established by Microsoft. Functionality include: implementation of privileges, duties, entities, electronic reports to course payments, using LCS tools, such as BPM, and Asset library, establishing an implementation methodology, among others.

Mandatory Requirements for Peruvian Version

    - Management of correlatives, Physical locations and types of legal and company documents

    - Annulment, reversal, cancelation, reactivation and reassignment of Sheet numbers

    - Identification of Clients, Vendors and Employees

    - Printers Books

    - Electronics Books

    - Exchange rate adjustment simulation, Purch and Sales

    - Exchange rate adjustment, Purchases and Sales

    - Withholding certificate

    - Deductions

    - Exchange rate according to document date

Other Products

    - Peru Version Additional Requirements and Optimization

    - Electronic Documents in Sales, Services and Projects

    - Bank Reconciliation

    - Electronic Banking in GER

Competitive Funcionalities

    - Document Types for Invent Journal and Invent Transfer

    - Change Invoice Number and Document Type from Transactions Vendor

    - Bank reconciliation applying 20 rules of coincidence

    - Vendor Payment Journal with Electronic Banking in GER