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License and Subscription App


License and Subscription App

The world has been changed by the “as-a-service” business model, where a product, software or even a service is offered to customers for a recurring fee. ​ Bluefort’s license and subscription management app is aimed at businesses ​ creating product or service bundles ​ and charging clients using a perpetual or recurring billing model. As products and services are grouped it creates a complex ecosystem of different billing models.

LISA is a powerful Dynamics solution that automates many of the subscription billing tasks making the process effortless and reduces the risk of mistakes. It supports different types of subscription billing models are like perpetual/once-off purchase with maintenance/service agreements, up-front billing and consumption billing

FEATURES: - Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations - Tracking of license and subscription related tasks are automated through the Master license process. - Intuitive form and workspace designs. - Role based. - Intelligent use of templates reduces data entry. - Smart financial features - Integration with accrual scheme feature and standard D365 revenue recognition module for IFS compliance