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TiM Time Management

Pelorus Technology

Timesheets do not work! TiM does! Use visual time tracking within Microsoft Outlook.

Pelorus Technology has over 10 years’ experience implementing Dynamics AX, now D365 F&O, into various industry verticals. Now, Pelorus focus is on its disruptive time solution: TiM®. TiM is different! TiM is more than software; TiM is also a methodology. TiM is based on how we plan our day using the Microsoft Outlook calendar. After all, if we use the calendar format to plan our day, why not use the calendar format to record our day? That is Visual Time Tracking. Timesheets do not work! No one likes tracking their time, and especially by recording it on a grid-based timesheet. Current technology solutions have not solved the problem. They still ask us to record time on a digital version of the paper timesheet. We are told just to fill it in. It doesn’t work well. Additionally, TiM provides tools to help capture more of what you do, such as e-mail, phone calls and document work, and automatically place these events into your time calendar. Time tracking will no longer be a chore. TiM is familiar, easy, and just works, all within Microsoft Outlook and your mobile device. TiM is completely integrated into D365 F&O. Contact us today to learn how TiM can help you and your organization.