Recharge Manager

SIS Global

3.0 (2)

Recharge Manager, Improving Intercompany Re-Charging for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Users

Recharge Manager provides the ability to automatically share costs across multiple companies with predefined values and an upfront configuration for an unlimited number of scenarios. The costs can be distributed through a chain of companies with limited user input, raising the relevant intercompany dues and payables automatically. With limited user input required, Recharge Manager is the perfect solution for any company sharing costs within a complex set of companies including, internal, external or third parties, across different affiliates for multiple associates, in a defined international or national group.


  • Improve cost recovery
  • Maintain accurate accounting for cost and profit
  • Limited user input required
  • Automatic monthly recharges
  • Optimal utilisation of available internal resources


  • Upfront configurations negate the need for the end user to push costs manually
  • Unlimited Allocation groups with defined splits
  • Automatic generation of dues and payables between recharge companies
  • Batch driven to eliminate load on system during peak times
  • Mark-ups of the shared costs possible between companies
  • Runtime selection of the split to be assigned to the expense transaction
  • Line by line unique allocations
  • Automatic VAT/Tax code assignment across the recharge process
  • Global overview across companies of recharges in progress / processed
  • Fully compliant with multi-currency
  • Date effective setups

The Base Process:

  • Attach allocation code to original expense transaction
  • Batch process generates Recharge Proposals
  • Optional Review of proposals generated
  • Batch process Posts the Recharge Proposals

Industries That Will Benefit:

  • Property management companies
  • Property investment companies
  • Any company sharing costs over multiple companies or third parties
  • Insurance companies

Why Recharge vs Standard Allocations?

Standard AX allows for two different types of allocations to be processed in the system:
  • Allocation of transactions on posting to a particular account and splitting the value in a predefined split across financial dimensions. This cannot process across companies.
  • Utilizing the cost allocation process where allocations can be performed over certain accounts and can be process across companies.

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