Aptean Product Specifications for Food & Beverage

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Aptean Product Specifications for Food and Beverage - Enterprise Edition

Are you always fully compliant when it comes to labeling requirements from customers and governments? Do you remain at ease when the purchasing department is buying elsewhere, thus changing the specifications of the finished products?

How are you coping with allergen declarations and food safety?

Managing product specifications and ingredient declarations can be quite a hassle. For many companies, the administration of the ingredients and allergens, and to what extent they are present in the finished product, is often still an Excel or Access-based administration. That means separate systems, duplicate data sources, manual entries, and above-average chances on errors. Not something you wish for with regards to food safety.

How about a single solution?

Formed by the consolidation of LINKFRESH and Foodware's industry-leading, specialized food and beverage functionality, Aptean Product Specifications for Food and Beverage - Enterprise Edition aims to solve just that. By linking directly to the Item numbers and the Production Bill of Material (BOM), you are ensured that there is only one version of the truth. All you need to do is define your BOM structure, enter the specifications of your raw materials and we will take care of the rest. Preventing errors and saving you valuable time when it comes to maintaining all of it.

How does that help you out?

  • One integrated system, one version of the truth.
  • No more duplicate entries.
  • Product specification version control.
  • Supports released products and product variants
  • Multi-language support.
  • Copy function, to easily use data from existing specifications.
  • Product specification calculation.
  • Product specification report, with customer-specific settings.
  • Import of setup data, to speed up the implementation.

The solution includes easy and flexible setup of:

  • Ingredients and additives
  • Allergens
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Nutrition values
  • Microbiological values
  • Dietary information
  • Clitravi specifications
  • Organoleptic characteristics
  • Shape information
  • Logistics data
  • Tracking data
  • And much more

What to find out more?

Do you recognize your challenges in the description above? Reach out to us and learn more about the solution and how easy it is to deploy it within your organization.

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