Advanced Maintenance and Service

To-Increase B.V.

End-to-end coverage for maintenance and service.

Keeping assets running is the key to your business. Whether it concerns the maintenance of your own assets and equipment or those of your customer, Advanced Maintenance and Service gives you the capabilities you need.

Keep your assets running

Use preventive and condition based maintenance to perform maintenance services before the problem occurs. Perform ad hoc maintenance when needed and have full insight in the asset history. Both for assets you own, as well as for assets you service for your customers.

Control your maintenance process

Stay in control with analytics to monitor maintenance costs and faults from the overall view down to individual work order or asset. Track critical KPIs, manage your process from service request to work order with configurable stages. Just as you need it.

Never run out of spare parts

Spare parts management is fully integrated with item and inventory management. Use predefined job types to manage the type of work and what is required in terms of spare parts, tooling and competencies.

Increase customer service

Use maintenance contracts, warranty and preventive maintenance to manage services for your customers. Monitor and improve your performance using Service Level Agreements (SLA's). Track and analyze profitability down to individual asset and contract. Empower field technicians by providing all required information and ability to register time, materials, asset updates and more via mobile, on- and offline.