Crowe Subcontracting Accelerator

door Crowe LLP

Crowe Subcontracting Accelerator extends Dynamics 365 for Operations for subcontracting processes

The Crowe Subcontracting Accelerator (CSA) is a work-stream tailored solution designed to meet the subcontracting needs of all industries. Built completely within Dynamics 365 for Operations, CSA streamlines daily operations to enable firms to effectively manage their subcontracting processes by providing subcontracting specific features including:

  • View purchase and production order data within a single form
  • Edit purchase order information and confirm directly from the subcontracting workbench
  • Issue material to a production order, post product receipts, and report finished goods in a single step
  • Review all subcontracting markings, history, transactions, and journals from a single workbench
  • Maintain vendors, operations, warehouses, service items, and resources within forms that are tailored for subcontracting
  • Manage subcontracting transfer orders, sales orders, purchase orders, and shipments within a centralized workspace

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