AXOnePay for GCC & India

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A comprehensive payroll solution for your organization

One of the key functions in an organization across any industry is the payroll process. Processing payroll is invariable; be it small, medium or large enterprise. It can be cumbersome for the managers to oversee the payroll process.

The solution accommodates business growth thus keeping your organization free from all the payroll complexities and helps you focus on your business to outperform competitors. AXOnePay provides insights on strategic indicators about your organizations greatest asset employees.

To reduce manual intercession, AXOnePay has workflow automation and approvals to process the payroll. Another key aspect of using AXOnePay is that since it is built on Dynamics 365 for Operations, it has seamless transaction processing with the Financial Modules and provides a comprehensive employee statement of accounts.

AXOnepay - Overall Feature Highlights

  • Vacation Management
  • Employee Loans
  • Employee Transactions
  • Salary Processing
  • Document Management
  • Employee self Service
  • Payroll reports

With a complete set of reports for both pre-and post-payroll process, AXOnePay offers analysis of earnings, benefits, deductions, accruals, and taxes for a specific pay period.

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