Shipping connector for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain

door DynaTech Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Shipment Tracking integration of UPS and FedEx APIs, allowing businesses to optimize their shipping

Optimize shipment procedures, facilitate centralized control over rates, confirm shipments and track shipments from different services providers.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 typically provides shipping charge information but lacks the capability for real-time pricing options. This absence of seamless integration between businesses and shipping carriers hinders the immediate access to real-time rate shopping solutions.

While various shipping solutions are available, they may not fully harness Microsoft's built-in code. Therefore, it is prudent to seek better integration options that harmonize both systems, offering a streamlined operational experience. To address the ever-increasing demand for digital commerce and modern fulfillment practices, we have built a shipping connector using Microsoft Dynamics 365 with shipping giants such as FedEx and UPS.

What do we offer?

DynaTech System’s transformative approach with the shipping connector facilitates the integration of UPS and FedEx, allowing businesses to optimize their shipping procedures and offer customers precise shipping choices and tracking details. By incorporating this connector into your system, you can automate shipping cost calculations, label creation, and track updates, leading to time savings and a decrease in manual inaccuracies.

Features & Benefits

· Real-Time Shipping Rates: Our shipment tracking software integrates with UPS and FedEx APIs to provide customers with accuracy in shipment costs during checkout.

· Label Generation: Automate label creation using UPS and FedEx APIs, reducing errors and ensuring compliance with carrier requirements.

· Address Validation: Validate shipment addresses against UPS and FedEx databases to prevent delivery delays caused by inaccuracies through our ecommerce shipping software.

· Shipment Tracking: Offer customers real-time package tracking using UPS and FedEx APIs, enhancing their experience.

· Efficiency & Cost Saving: Streamlining manual tasks and reducing errors leads to increased operational efficiency and lower shipping costs.

· Enhanced Customer Experience & Time Savings: Add an extra dimension to your ecommerce shipping software for real-time tracking and precise delivery estimates.

Secure and direct connection with Services Providers

Our Shipping Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides direct connectivity with the service provider (FedEx, UPS), making our solution faster, more secure, and reliable.

Our shipment connector can work without AWMS configuration in Dynamics 365 SCM - which is impossible with Microsoft-provided functionality or any other available connectors.

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Why DynaTech Systems?

DynaTech Systems is a seasoned Microsoft Solution partner on whom you can rely. Our solutions are exquisitely designed to yield substantial time and money savings.

DynaTech Systems stands resolute to offer its adept resources, extensive support network, and viable options to assist your business. To meticulously craft an impeccable strategy to suit the dynamic demands of your enterprises is our core strength.

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