Advanced Quality Module

door Intech Systems Pvt Ltd.

Take a step ahead to advance quality control across your entire organization.

Advanced Quality Module, an enhanced version of your in-built Quality Module in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, guarantees efficient assessment and measurement of all the quality metrics that your organization cares for. This ensures that all the necessary and mandated quality checks are followed by your company.

With our Advanced Quality Module, you can define quality parameters item-wise, access Power BI’s quality-related dashboards, define proper ISO sampling plans, calibrate instruments, get vendor wise non-conformity and their CAPA tracking.

What you can do:

  1. Create quality orders based on the specifications defined on items and variants
  2. Check quality across the stages – procurement, inventory & storage, production, dispatch, and project tasks
  3. Generate Item Sampling based on ISO Standards
  4. Access Power BI dashboard based on open, in-process or closed quality orders
  5. Bifurcate quality orders in reference to failure analysis, the customer as well as vendor wise non-conformity and CAPA
  6. Identify faults across production, dispatching, and warehousing
  7. Track nonconformity and take corrective and preventive measures
  8. Track and record quality instruments with their calibration history and upcoming dues


  1. Increased customer satisfaction and brand value by delivering the best quality products
  2. Effective compliance with ISO standards
  3. Reduced manual interference resulting in less time consumption
  4. Less turnaround time and proactive rather than a reactive approach
  5.  Better short-term and long-term decisions related to production, storage, and dispatch

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