Payroll 365

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Payroll solution for Dynamics 365 for Operations

      The payroll run is a critical element within the HR function, touching different aspects of HR practices, including appraisal outcomes, benefits, compensation, incentives and interactions with the employee on the self-service portal. The outcome on payroll drives employee motivation and talent retention, which in turn influences organizational growth and performance.

      Payroll 365 is a global payroll solution built on Dynamics 365 for Operations that helps streamline payroll activities and integrates payroll processes with associated business processes. The solution also addresses administrative requirements such as visa quota management, camp management and other features, to manage large workforces compromising of citizen and expatriate employees. Some of the other interesting features included are a visual leave planner, document renewals, leave travel management, WPS compliance and compliance to rules and regulations in the Middle East.

      The solution can also be configured easily for countries in other regions based on an intuitive formula designer that helps define payroll rules and formulae.

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