OntargIT HR & Payroll for Ukraine

door OntargIT

Complete HR & Payroll solution based on D365 Finance and D365 Human Resources

OntargIT offers a ready-to-use HR & Payroll module that fully automates key HR management and payroll tasks. These features include managing company structure, staff records, employee hours tracking, and salary calculations.

  • Ready-to-use package complete with settings and demo data.
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions.
  • Automation of hiring processes, leaves, staff changes, and terminations.
  • Regular updates.
  • Automatic calculation of salaries, bonuses, and other forms of compensation.
  • Consideration of local legal requirements in compensation calculations.
  • Customizable system settings to meet specific business requirements and nuances.
  • Full control over HR processes.
  • Generation of reports in accordance with company and legislative requirements.
  • Simplification of strategic business development through efficient personnel management.
  • Reduced risk of errors in compensation and tax calculations due to automation.

  • Accounting of the enterprise structure in the form of a hierarchical tree for both a single legal entity and multiple entities, with individual access parameters.
  • Maintenance of a registry of individuals and employee files.
  • Management of staff schedules and HR orders.
  • Planning and accounting of staff working hours.
  • Salary calculation with flexible settings.
  • Calculation of personal income tax, military levy, and unified social tax, taking into account tax benefits.
  • Formation of regulated reporting in accordance with current legislation.
  • Management of employee leaves and time off.
  • Automation of processes related to sick leave and interaction with the Pension Fund.
  • Setup of deductions and payments, including child support and enforcement documents.

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