Dynamics 365 FO Localization for Ukraine

door OntargIT

OntargIT - Ukrainian Localization Pack for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Ukrainian localization pack from OntargIT is made to adapt Dynamics 365 Finance to regulatory requirements of Ukraine.

Localization pack features cover tax, accounting and reporting specifics, according, but not limited to, the following list:
- Tax calculation and accounting in accordance with Ukrainian legislation.
- Exchange of outgoing and incoming VAT invoices with external systems (such as M.E.Doc. and others), VAT reconciliation.
- Printed forms of documents in accordance with Ukrainian legislation, including Fixed asset, Inventory, Advance holders, Cash transactions and other.
- Library of interfaces with client-banks.
- Import of currency exchange rates of the National Bank of Ukraine, and calculation of the cross rates.
-Specifics of Ukrainian statutory accounting.
- Statutory financial reports.
- Translation of the interface and reference information into Ukrainian language.

We provide continuous support and updates of the localization.

The list of our customers using OntargIT localization pack: Toyota, Winner Imports, MAN Truck and Bus Ukraine, Scatec Solar Ukraine, Chanel, Fischer Sports, Wizz Air, Auto International, Рulver, Colin's, Azelis and many more.

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