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Seamlessly manage preventive and corrective maintenance of deployed business assets.

With dozens or hundreds of individual assets in need of regular inspection and maintenance deployed at each location or client, in-house and dedicated repair teams that fail to run the risk of downtime, reduced equipment life and customer dissatisfaction. Manual records are ineffective for managing medium to large repair operations, and standalone ticketing systems still require you to manually synchronize ticket details with your customer information and inventory of repair materials. For maximum efficiency, you need an ERP-integrated solution.

Mainteers is a flexible and intuitive maintenance management solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations that allows field service providers or internal maintenance teams to manage service requests and preventive maintenance schedules for a wide variety of business assets. Mainteers is a perfect solution for HVAC, security equipment, A/V, computer, network, or building maintenance teams.

Mainteers Features

    •    Support for weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually, and annually scheduled maintenance
    •    Retrieve information on customers and repair materials directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365
    •    Multi-level work order request approval workflows
    •    Dynamic, role-specific dashboards and reports indicate the status of each active work order in near-real time
    •    Functionality for tracking movement and use of maintenance materials and generating associated purchase orders
    •    Detailed reports related to work orders, equipment, and field service personnel
    •    Track meter readings and the consumption of materials like fuel, tires, batteries, water, and electricity for each deployed asset

Mainteers Benefits

    •    Improve revenue by shortening your work order fulfillment cycle
    •    Maximize service personnel utilization by optimizing job scheduling
    •    Automatic order approval workflows improve efficiency and boost customer satisfaction
    •    Conveniently monitor business operations using intuitive dynamic dashboards
    •    Receive automatic notifications for upcoming preventive maintenance

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