Government Acquisition and Management

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Microsoft Cloud Based Government Acquisition and Management Solution

Procurement 360 available on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps Platform digitally transforms the Public Sector Acquisition and Management Process. Procurement 360 receives the handshake from our Budget 360 application or integrates into your existing budget management system to identify the source of funds for Aquisition purposes. You may begin the Acquisition process with a simple requisition, or you may leverage our Planning and PALT calculator functionality for larger Acquisitions. We move from the planning and fund approval phase into the acquisition processes as we automate market research in the RF(X) phase then off to source selection plans, evaluations, consensus and ultimately the award. From award management we move to Grant Contract, Delivery and Task order management including contractor CLIN, SLIN, ACRN, period of performance and ultimately into the contract close out functionality. Procurement 360 is the solution that pulls all of your disparate information together and allows you to act in an informed manner to manage your Programs and Mission's.

 Procurement 360 features:

  • Portals provide ease of interaction with offerors.
  • Dashboards deliver Operational and Executive Information with real time record drill down capability.
  • Microsoft native integrations (Office, Email, Calendar, Documents, Teams) allow the Organization to work in a fully informed, highly effective and efficient manner.
  • Microsoft Cloud allows team members to work in a highly secure environment from any location.
  • Full Lifecycle support: Budget Management, Aquisition Management, Program, Contract and Operations Management.

Procurement 360 functionality:

  • Requirement onboarding with budget decision support.
  • Aquisition Forecasting.
  • Customizable PALT calculation and task assignment scheduling.
  • Complete source selection process support and automation.
  • Source Selection Template management and Decision support.
  • Automated clause and provisions support.
  • Bid Team: Prime and Subcontractor Tracking.
  • Vehicle, Grant, Contract and Delivery order management.
  • Modification management.
  • Deliverables and contractor performance.
  • CLIN/SLIN and ACRN Tracking.
  • Budget to actual reporting.
  • GFI, GFM and GFE management.
  • Complete contract history.
  • Excess funds and financial review on contract closeout.
  • Cost adjustment support.
  • Property disposition support.
  • Funds de obligation support.

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