AQL Waste Management

door AQL Technologies

Process use to dispose of, reduce, reuse, and prevent waste

AQL’s Waste Management app revolutionizes waste disposal processes, offering a streamlined and efficient solution for organizations. It enhances transparency, accelerates decision-making, and improves overall waste management effectiveness. By centralizing and organizing waste disposal requests, the app ensures that no request is overlooked, leading to better resource allocation and cost management. Its seamless integration with SharePoint simplifies record storage, while the intuitive interface boosts user productivity. This app brings agility and control to waste management practices, driving sustainability and operational excellence.

The features for the Waste Management app are documented below:

  • Users can track all the requests created from the home screen.
  • Pending & closed requests are highlighted separately.
  • Users can sort the request order on the Home/ Main page.
  • Users can filter out the requests with various options.
  • Users can search for any request using keywords associated with the raised request.
  • Waste Disposal form needs to be filled in to create the request.
  • Approvers’ names will be visible in the waste disposal form.
  • The processing Log will display the history of the request.
  • Users need to click on “Submit & Close” to submit the request.
  • Request can be saved as draft before final submission.
  • Users can submit existing requests and navigate to create a new request with a single click on “Submit & Add.”
  • Requests will be saved in SharePoint for record storage purposes.
  • Inventory tracking will display a list of all the inventories along with their details.
  • Users can navigate to the SharePoint site by clicking on “Update Master List.”

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