KYC for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Mpower Finance KYC provides al the data you need to onboard customers. UBO and compliance research.

Do you want to automate the KYC process in Microsoft Dynamics 365? And gain direct insight into the group structure and the UBOs of customers and prospects? With Mpower Finance: KYC, our KYC solution for Microsoft Dynamics, you know exactly who you’re doing business with. Fully screened for PEP, sanctions and negative news. This will enable you to accurately comply with the Anti Money Laundering regulations.

Compliant with minimal impact on your employees

Thanks to the KYC solution for Microsoft Dynamics you are able to reliably and quickly comply with the Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations. A lot of manual work is avoided and the customer dossier is automatically completed in your core Microsoft Dynamics customer environment

  • Know exactly who you are doing business with

Simply identify the UBO and check immediately whether this UBO occurs in international PEP and sanctions lists.

  • Optimize compliance with KYC / CDD regulations

Automate your customer due diligence and comply with KYC / CDD regulations.

  • Improve the employee experience in Microsoft Dynamics

Reduce the risk of errors with a reliable automated system process.

Digital trust

Respond to the increasing regulations for KYC / CDD and organize your risk management better and faster. So that you can decide within a few clicks whether you can do business with new customers or not. 

“A good KYC process requires a clear structure and complete documentation. The challenge is to onboard customers smoothly and quickly, while being compliant”.

Arjan Splinter | Account manager

Automate KYC in Microsoft Dynamics

With Mpower Finance: KYC, accepting and monitoring customers within Microsoft Dynamics is a lot more pleasant and efficient.

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