Equipment Maintenance for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Solution developed to enhance equipment maintenance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Equipment Maintenance for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Automate administration, equipment registers, predictive maintenance, work orders and purchase orders while delivering “at-a-glance” views for service team members.

Equipment Maintenance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an enterprise software platform that provides a range of features designed to streamline and enhance maintenance and safety functions. These features can help maintenance departments manage their tasks more effectively and provide their teams with a better experience. Importantly, Equipment Maintenance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is software that can be configured to adapt and align with your organization’s specific needs and goals.

Key benefits:

  • Building on the Microsoft 365/tools that many organizations already use for centralized application, data and equipment management.

  • Streamlined administration and integration including "built-in" options for safety management along with finance, payroll, risk and incident management.

  • Improved collaboration – integrated with SharePoint for document management, Outlook for email management along with Microsoft Teams, and now Copilot AI.

  • Data-driven insights – building on the one Microsoft Dataverse with Power BI visualizations.

  • Cost and time savings using one system – no more multiple software systems, "app flipping", copy/paste or wasted time looking for information.

  • Enhanced WH&S compliance and governance.

Key features: 

  • Centralized Equipment Register: Provides a consolidated asset data and information repository, making it easy to manage equipment details.

  • Predictive Maintenance Tools: Helps optimize maintenance schedules by predicting when equipment might fail.

  • Detailed Equipment Service History and Analytics: Access historical data and track equipment performance and costs over time.

  • Digital Work Order Management: Efficiently manage work orders, assign tasks, and track progress.

  • Inventory Tracking and Automatic Reorder Alerts: Keep track of spare parts and replenish inventory as needed.

  • At-a-Glance View for Individual Technicians: Allows technicians to view their tasks easily.

  • Self-Service Portals: With the Dynamics 365 solution comes an optional fully customizable self-service portal that empowers team members with the tools to keep update to date. Allows employees, suppliers and business partners to manage vital equipment repairs and maintenance schedules, reducing costs.

  • Performance Management: Tracks and evaluates equipment performance to support cost control and up-time.

  • Time and Attendance: Keeps track of hours, down-time, and maintenance requests.

  • Compliance Management: Helps ensure that the organization adheres to safety laws and related regulations.

  • Document & Email Management: Store and manage all equipment related emails and documents and online forms securely within the platform for easy access and reference using SharePoint and Outlook integration.

  • Reporting and Analytics: Gain insights into machine hours, satisfaction, location tracking and other key metrics through built-in Power BI reporting and dashboards.

  • Mobile Accessibility: Offers mobile apps or mobile-friendly interfaces for on-the-go equipment maintenance and management.

  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with other business systems and software including finance, HR, payroll, risk and incident management. By integrating with Dynamics 365 Business Central extends the equipment maintenance to the balance sheet for depreciation and insurance management.

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