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Map any data from Dynamics 365, Dataverse, or Power BI and perform powerful territory management!

EasyTerritory is a leading mapping solution for sales territory management, field sales/service route planning, and spatial business intelligence. The EasyTerritory suite of components leverage Microsoft Azure maps and support mapping data from Dynamics 365, Dataverse, Excel, or Azure SQL to enhance territory business intelligence and route planning.

EasyMap - (PCF PowerApp) - Sales and Service Route Planning Features

EasyTerritory EasyMap is installed in Dynamics 365 or Dataverse as part of our managed solution. It requires the EasyTerritory Enterprise Azure Web App add-on to function. Features of the EasyMap PowerApp include:

    • Mobile Mapping: Map any view of Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Activities and more for access on mobile phones in the field.
    • Scheduling and Optimized Routing Planning:Create optimized schedules, route services, and sales activities directly from the map.
    • Travel-time Rings:Calculate travel-time rings (time and distance) while in the field.
    • Apple Maps and Google Maps Multi-stop Routing:One-click push to Google or Apple Maps on phone for multi-stop routing and Apple CarPlay integration.

EasyTerritory Enterprise - (Azure Web App) - Territory Boundary Management Features

EasyTerritory Enterprise (Azure Web App) is a required component of the EasyTerritory suite. Features of EasyTerritory Enterprise include:

    • Territory Boundary Management: Build territories from US ZIP Codes, counties, states and other political boundaries. EasyTerritory also includes postal codes from additional countries.
    • Auto-Build & Realign Territories: Automatically or Manually build and realign territories with optimization tools.
    • Business Intelligence: Overlay business data from Dynamics 365 to get valuable business-intel with classifications, filtering, hotspots, and instant statistics.
    • Upload Data from Excel: Import address information from an Excel or .CSV document.
    • Dynamics 365 Integration: Map Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, and any other entity or custom entities data.
    • Export to Dynamics 365 Marketing List: Select records on a map and export results to a Marketing List.
    • Dashboard: Embed EasyTerritory maps within a Dynamics 365 dashboard or entity form.
    • Power BI Integration: Easily consume territories and build heat maps with the EasyTerritory Territory Visual for Power BI, also available on AppSource!
    • MapPoint Alternative: EasyTerritory is a leading Microsoft MapPoint upgrade and replacement.

Dynamics 365 Managed Solution Includes:

    • EasyMap: PCF PowerApp for mapping and routing data with views with latitude and longitude from Dynamics 365 or Dataverse (requires an EasyTerritory Enterprise instance and subscription).
    • Geocode Workflow Plugin: Geocode records using Microsoft's Azure Maps in any entity that include an address, city, state or postal code fields.
    • Postal Code Lookup Workflow Plugin: Lookup and populate a field in your entity with the specific territory using entity record's latitude and longitude.
    • Location Lookup Workflow Plugin: Lookup and populate a field in your entity with the specific territory using entity record's postal code (ZIP Code).
    • Map View Builder: Map records from multiple entities at a time.
    • Bulk Workflow Execution Utility: Bulk execute a workflow on all records from an entity in Dynamics 365 or Dataverse.

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