Text(SMS) messaging for Dynamics Sales


Real-time text message updates to the potential customers for the developing opportunities.

What is Text(SMS) messaging for Dynamics 365 Sales?

The solution enables the users to automate real-time text message updates to the leads for keeping them informed of their status. Furthermore, the solution automates sending text messages on opportunity creation and winning the opportunity to a Contact. Text (SMS) messaging for Dynamics 365 Sales Hub is developed to help ease communication with leads and contacts via the built-in chat feature.

Key Features

  • Text message notifications to leads for real-time status updates.
  • Send SMS in the chat to contacts and leads and engage in 1:1 conversations.
  • Text message notifications to contacts regarding opportunity status.

Why choose Text(SMS) messaging for Dynamics 365 Sales?

  • Built by Microsoft's Power Platform Recognized Solution Architects, ensure you have the right solution to extend functionality, either by you or by engaging us.
  • With multiple features to set up, you can be on the go and update leads and contacts on opportunity updates.
  • Automate the processes to cut down the manual effort of your team with the embedded PowerApps flows.
  • Get a monthly subscription on top of your Sales application to stay ahead and build customer relationships.
  • With a built-in chat feature, stay in constant communication with contacts and leads to save time and effort.

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