Inventory Counting

door Intech Systems Pvt Ltd.

Count and maintain your physical inventory with your system inventory spontaneously!

For any business, having one or more warehouses, it is necessary to maintain its physical inventory count against the inventory in the ERP system. It supports better forecasting as well as proper stock calculation with an overall reduction in cost in a long time.
Inventory Counting is a stand-alone application developed by Intech Systems, which is a simple counting assistant that helps the store users to capture the physical stock precisely at warehouse/s and location/s while integrating with the existing ERP.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Maintain inventory physically as well as digitally
  2. Access from any handled devices such as mobile and tablets
  3. Better flexibility and one-click count details of the inventory
  4. Enhanced UI to record the counting’s
  5. Get summarized details of the count in the application
  6. Availability of scanning barcode as well as QR code to avoid human error

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