Ledgeview's CRM for Oil and Gas

Ledgeview Partners

The only industry specific CRM for Lubricant and Fuel Distributors.

Distributors in the downstream Oil and Gas Industry, also known as Lubricant Marketers, have unique needs as they engage with their customers to drive retention, attract new customers, and close deals. Developed with first-hand insight from Oil and Gas Distributors, Ledgeview Partners has created the only out-of-the-box CRM industry solution for the Lubricant Marketers powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Gain a 360-Degree View of a Customer:  Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service teams benefit from easy access to order history, 12-month product summaries and opportunities. See what customers are buying, trends in purchase history and compare against similar customers by product segment or brand.

Manage Opportunities and Business Processes: With Open Opportunity dashboards, Sales Managers and Owners can see their sales pipeline instead of asking sales reps day after day. All information they need is on one screen they can access anytime. Opportunity Management ensures all steps in the sales process are followed, preventing a lack of follow-through and creating accountability.

Cross-Sell using Suggestive Sell: Experienced reps know if customers buy ‘x’ then they should buy ‘y’, but your less-experienced reps may not. Cross-sell and Up-sell in CRM gives the entire team the tools they need by recommending products based on order history.

Track & Manage Sales Goals vs Actuals, Analyze the Gap to Goal: Many companies have difficulty setting, managing, and measuring goals. Within goal dashboards, compare goals vs actuals according to company, territory, division, sales rep, brands, or even product categories.  Easily identify the gap sales needs to meet to meet their goal.

Manage Sales Territories: Make the most of travel by viewing customers on a map.  This is helpful when sales has extra time between calls or when meetings cancel. Identify who sales could be meeting within the radius of a lead, identify nearby opportunities near current customers, gain a graphic representation of how to grow business within a territory. And much more…

Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil and Gas solution is a proven industry solution utilized by Oil and Gas Distributors across North America.