Dynamics 365 Sales, Professional

door Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Streamline sales processes and monitor performance with this configurable, mobile-friendly relations

Dynamics 365 Sales, Professional, helps you close more deals by knowing your customers better and having sales information readily available to make informed decisions faster. Keep all your sales information in one centralized place and easily know the status of every relationship. With instant access to customer details anywhere, on any device, sales teams have the information they need to better personalize every interaction. Meeting notes, order history, customer emails and more—information to empower your team to deliver a more relevant experience that drives loyalty and sales. Set up easy-to-follow best practices to streamline the recurring tasks required to move sales through the pipeline. With real-time data informing your decisions, you’ll have better visibility into the trends and tendencies that can help boost your business. And, when you combine the ease of the Dynamics 365 experience with the familiarity of Office 365, your people have time to connect more personally with customers and maximize every selling opportunity.

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