Dual-write application orchestration solution

door Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Enables seamless data interaction between Finance & Operations and Common Data Service.

Dynamics 365 business applications are uniquely able to help organizations digitally transform by unifying data and intelligence from employees, customers, operations, and devices into one source, creating many opportunities to use digital feedback loops to adapt and improve. Dual-write is a new capability that enables data to become available natively on Common Data Service across Finance and Operations applications and model-driven applications in the Dynamics 365 suite. While dual-write core solution provides the infrastructure, dual-write application orchestration solution covers the master data scenarios for customers, products, and vendors, and for end-to-end process flows like prospect to cash, and for on-demand functions like pricing and reference data for ledger, tax, payment terms, and schedules. Dual-write will continue to expand in the future to support more scenarios for party, project, on-hand inventory, and more. The framework is extensible and accommodates customer-centric business data exchange through a few additional clicks.

Door dit product op te halen, geef ik Microsoft toestemming om mijn accountgegevens te gebruiken of te delen, zodat de provider contact met mij kan opnemen over dit product en verwante producten. Ik ga akkoord met de gebruiksvoorwaarden gebruiksvoorwaarden en privacybeleid van de provider en begrijp dat de rechten voor het gebruik van dit product niet afkomstig zijn van Microsoft, tenzij Microsoft de provider is. Het gebruik van AppSource valt onder afzonderlijke gebruiksrechtovereenkomst en privacy.