OneWorldSIS Student Information System

door OneWorldSIS

OneWorldSIS Student Information System and OneWorldSIS Portal Suite

OneWorldSIS Student Information System, architected on the powerful and extendable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Platform, provides the most productive, future-proof technology solution available on the market today. OneWorldSIS Student Information System and the OneWorldSIS Portal Suite represent a paradigm shift in the way educational institutions use technology to manage the complete student lifecycle.

From recruitment to enrollment to program selection to class scheduling to alumni management, information is entered once, and all activities are tracked on one technology platform. Use technology engineered by Microsoft in Power Automate, Artificial Intelligence, and Interactive Dashboards to build workflows that automate organizational processes, run AI tasks and analysis delivering key actionable organizational data, and build interactive visual forms that present data in user-oriented interfaces. All driving productivity and efficiencies that allow educational institutions to lower costs and deliver on the vision of teaching now and well into the future.

OneWorldSIS, and OneWorldSIS Portal Suite, provides the following student lifecycle functionality:

Recruitment - Better identify and interact with prospective Students using marketing journeys and automated process flows

Applicants & Enrollment - Improve tracking, communications, and Applicant conversions to Students

Student Achievement - Increase Students’ ability to achieve their full academic potential while managing the complete student success education lifecycle on one environment

Alumni Engagement - Stay connected and manage Alumni relations to maintain an ongoing relationship after graduation

Donor Management - Build and manage Donor relationships from commitment to contribution to nurture marketing

Digital Technology - Use Power Automate, AI, and Dashboards to manage processes, generate institutional analysis, and present data in user-oriented dashboards

Constituent Portal - Use the OneWorldSIS Portal suite to provide access and interact with core data covering all constituent user roles

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