door OntargIT

OntargIT IDMS CRM (Importer and Dealer Management System)

Ukraine has a developed market of international car centers that offer a full range of customer service. The lack of a common system between managers and dealers slows down the main processes of car distribution - bringing the customer to buy a car and maintaining brand loyalty. The importer needs a single repository not only to store and update data for each customer, but also to create and analyze the necessary analytics, documents.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics for Sales, our solution helps unify the work of importer and dealer. OntargIT IDMS CRM solution helps not only to simplify the method of placing information (everything is available in a single system, without a division into different applications), but with the help of innovative Power Platform capabilities to design the future.

All the necessary information about customers is in a single database, which speeds up the work of the manager and allows you to better form a proposal.

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