RSM Disease & Outbreak Management

door RSM Product Sales LLC

The complete management of over 70 diseases with contact tracing, outbreak and vaccine management.

This complete Disease Management system handles over 70 communicable diseases through the full life cycle of intake, lab orders, case management, outbreak management, contact tracing and vaccine management. Specific modules for COVID-19 have been developed as well as mobile intake apps and patient portals for symptom monitoring. The solution is scalable to over 100,000 users and can be customized to the specific work queues and processes for any department of health at a country, state or municipality level.  

This system is built on top of an award winning person centered case management solution which allows for the integration of social and behavioral health information and reference to additional social services. This system was built by Epidemiologists for Epidemiologists with in depth data analysis and business processes to support the management of patients as well as outbreak responses. The Microsoft Dynamics Platform powers the solution to not only scale but also leverage advanced technology solutions like AI, IoT, Mobile and Portals. This system was built by RSM from 2018-2020 leveraging top industry experts and focused on whole person care initiatives.  

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