AppSheet -- Mobile Apps from Spreadsheets


Build a custom mobile app from Excel. It is easy, quick, and no coding required.

AppSheet is a business productivity solution that helps you view and modify your spreadsheets through a powerful mobile app. With AppSheet, you can create and deploy mobile solutions for your business automatically from Excel spreadsheets on Office365/OneDrive. It is easy, there is no coding involved, and you can start for free.

AppSheet works in all modern browsers --- Internet Explorer 10 and above, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. It does not work on Internet Explorer 9 and lower versions.

Join over 25000 people using AppSheet in small and medium businesses, corporate teams, education and non-profits. to Improve your mobile workflows while reducing costs, decreasing time-to-deployment, and keeping sensitive information safe.

AppSheet is a great solution for several scenarios, including:


AppSheets helps teams connect spreadsheets saved in OneDrive with remote users through mobile apps. Remote users can access the data in rich yet simplified ways and are able to edit and add new data for a complete workflow.


Millions of people manage projects using Excel. AppSheet helps project managers display and share project data with other team members through a mobile device. Keep data centralized in a core spreadsheet and share only the parts that their audience needs to see. Say no to sending files back and forth via email!


Manage study plans, school rosters, grading, and group work with a single spreadsheet. See the data on a mobile device using AppSheet through an interactive app that allows for form entry, charts, maps, text summaries and image galleries that can be shared with students and colleagues.


Keep track of your pipeline on an Excel spreadsheet and access the data through an AppSheet app for an enhanced and streamlined view. You can also interact with your spreadsheet data in new ways -- build maps from your data, call telephone numbers listed on the spreadsheet, send emails to contacts listed in your spreadsheet, and build catalogs using image galleries to keep your customers updated with your most recent offerings.


(1) Open a spreadsheet that has its data structured as a table. Make sure you have column headers and at least a few data rows.

(2) Install the AppSheet app.

(3) Click “Go” within the AppSheet pane. This will take you to in a new browser tab

(4) If this is the first time you are using AppSheet, you will be prompted to sign in to AppSheet with Office 365 and provide the necessary permissions

(5) Voila, a mobile app is automatically generated and your data is now available via the app! You can now modify how the data gets displayed on the app and use advanced features such as mapping, forms, charting, and more.

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