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HyperTeam Expense Tracking

HyperTeam USA Business and IT Consulting Inc.

Managing expenses and track costs

In business, as in life, failing to manage your expenses is bad news! That’s why HyperTeam created a reliable, easy to use expense tracking app that finally takes the hassle out of budgeting. And the best part is that it’s affordable, so managing your expenses doesn’t have to mean blowing your IT budget!

Key Functions:

• Two levels of planning:

1. Plan the project’s total budget for one year or one quarter

2. Categorize expenses by type and define a budget for each

• Record and track your expenses with ease as your project develops

• The percentage spent is automatically calculated for the overall project and each category

• Assign an individual to approve each type of expense to avoid overspending, unnecessary spending, or redundant spending

• Quickly export all budget information to Excel (Works in IE only)

• Receive real time alerts when overspending occurs

• Manage, track, or approve expenses anywhere, anytime on your tablet or mobile device

• Works in IE10+, and Chrome

Does your company have unique needs or customization requests for the Expense Tracking App? No problem! Give us a call at (888) 466-0710 or email us at for further assistance!