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AvePoint Watermark

AvePoint Inc.

5.0 (3)

The safe way to create and share PDFs in Office 365.

Sharing documents is a fundamental part of collaboration, but it is not without risk. Whether you're publishing documents to your colleagues or sharing files with outside parties, it can be critical to protect your company’s content from unauthorized edits and unauthorized sharing.

AvePoint Watermark makes it easy to protect your documents in four important ways.

1. Prevent unauthorized edits by creating PDFs from one or more files directly within SharePoint Online Libraries

2. Deter document leaks by applying watermarks that identify the original document recipient by username, IP address, etc.

3. Safely share documents through a secure container app part instead of giving them direct access to your document libraries. Documents accessed through the secure container are automatically converted to watermarked PDFs, protecting content against unauthorized edits and screenshots.

4. Audit document access to deter malicious behavior and identify responsible parties if a security breach were to occur

PDFs can be created from a wide range of file types, including Microsoft Office files, HTML/XML-based files, as well as images.

Many watermarking options to choose from including:

• Username

• IP address

• Date

• Time

• Image

• Custom Text

AvePoint Watermark is provided as a free 7 day trial, limited to 5 users. At the conclusion of the trial, the add-in may be purchased, starting at $1.99/user per month by contacting AvePoint sales.