Spreadsheet Verificator


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Verify and detect errors in your spreadsheets

Do you want to ensure the correctness of your spreadsheets? Do you need to review spreadsheets made by others? If so, Spreadsheet Verificator is your best friend!

  • Spreadsheet Verificator verifies all the cell values and formulas of your spreadsheet by types.
  • It either proves that the spreadsheet is exempt of a class of typing errors, or identifies the cell formulas that contain typing mismatches, which are clues to spreadsheet defects.
  • As a result, verifying and validating spreadsheets by Spreadsheet Verificator will improve their quality and prevent you from making business decisions with incorrect spreadsheets.
Mogelijkheden van invoegtoepassing
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  • Lezen en wijzigingen aan uw document aanbrengen
  • Gegevens via internet verzenden
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